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upon both sides of the Atlantic, big, stupid, and
corrupt party machines. That was bound to
happen and yet to this day there is a sort of
shyness in the minds of young men interested in
politics when it comes to discussing Proportional
Representation. They think It is a " bit faddy ".
At best it Is a side Issue. Party politicians strive
to maintain that bashfulness, because they know
quite clearly that what Is called Proportional
Representation with the single transferable vote
In large constituencies,, returning a dozen mem-
bers or more, is extinction for the mere party
hack and destruction for party organisations.
The machine system in the United States is
more elaborate, more deeply entrenched legally
in the Constitution and illegally in the spoils
system, and it may prove more difficult to
modernise than the British, which is based on an
outworn caste tradition. But both Parliament
and Congress are essentially similar in their
fundamental quality. They trade in titles, con-
cessions and the public welfare, and they are only
amenable in the rough and at long last to the
movements of public opinion. It is an open
question whether they are much more responsive
to popular feeling than the Dictators we denounce
so unreservedly as the antithesis of democracy.
They betray a great disregard of mass responses.